Crane Safety Climber School 2018

Sometimes it’s more fun to go to a training class and not train!

Here are some pictures from the three day Crane Safety Climber School 2018 edition.  Hands down one of the top crane assisted removal training courses anywhere.

I don’t say that lightly.

Visual Training Aids

The last few weeks for me have involved copious amounts of keyboard time behind the screen staring pixel-eyed blindly ahead.  I don’t mind.  The creative act of revamping material the ashes of outdated world weary presentations, forging new ones with fresh perspectives satisfies me as much as writing a new piece of fiction.  As a consequence I have developed and continue too small snippets of video training aids I like to use.

It occurred to me that these may be useful to others in similar positions as I often find myself, having to explain somewhat complex processes in a simple way.  For those of you not in the tree climbing world, you will find little of interest here, less you have some strange fetish for cartoonish videos related to tree work!

These are two no frills short video segments that explain in a visual way concepts I need to explain often in a classroom situation.  If you find them useful by all means download.  I ask only that if you like the material and want to use it to attribute credit to and drop me a comment or like below the video on Vimeo.  Just follow the links to the Vimeo page and they are available for download.  If for some reason you need it in another format, leave me a comment here and I will get in touch.


This one looks at one hazard of using self-feeding drum style chippers

This one displays when the hinge breaks on four different styles of face notches in tree felling


The Arborist

Here is a well done, short video I really enjoyed. Those of you on may have seen the link to it there, but I thought I would share it here as well.

I grew up in this industry. Sometimes I forget how unique it is. This video reminded me.