Welcome!  Thank you for visiting this blog.  As a trainer and writer, a lot of words leave my mouth when I speak or roll off my finger tips as I type.  However, the two most important are THANK YOU!

All things grow, change, evolve.  I stared this blog in February 2013.  It is my second attempt.  Even as I type things are changing and growing.  I consider myself a student of arboriculture and arboricultural training.  I love to teach, because it is the best way to learn.  I also realize that as the blog changes, as I add, delete, morph and tweak that it can be confusing.  Especially for those of you new and/or following my other attempts to get something consistent .

Here I will offer a brief history, some explanation and my views to the future.  The truth is strong.  My agendas and goals are straight forward and I have no intention of hiding anything. With all the above in mind, allow me to explain.


The Past

A few years ago, I realized I really enjoyed putting together short videos.  It also dawned on me that this would be an excellent way to distribute information.  I began researching the new-to-me podcast phenomena.  I developed some short audio and video clips on production tree related topics, started the web site center for the advancement of safe arboriculture  (CASA).  I had arrived on the internet!  So I thought.  All went well for awhile.  I posted new podcasts about once a month, opened my first blog, then lost all motivation.  I had not realized how much time it would all take!

Eventually I had to get a new home for CASA and at that point, after  a few half hearted attempts , decided to let CASA sink.


The Present

Early 2013 I started to seriously consider reviving CASA.  At the same time I began the arduous process of researching how to self publish a book.  I am now off the day to day production schedule and devote a good deal of my time to writing, teaching and training.  I also have an inkling of the amount of time and effort this all takes.  I also arrived at the conclusion I could promote my book and safe arboricultural practices at the same time!

The more I researched self publishing and the more I pondered what I wanted from CASA the more I realized that CASA, as it was, would not suit.  It was too narrow, to niche.  I began to look into other options, broaden my plans and educate myself.  I still have a long long way to go in this process, believe me!

What I decided on is what you are reading now.  A blog for tree climbers, whether recreational, production, or competition.  I wanted to keep the emphasis on safety, efficiency and fun I stared with CASA.  I also wanted to open it up into tips, tricks, philosophy and an insight into the tree climbing life as I have experienced it for the last two decades.

The idea is to share information, knowledge in an online place for all of the above.  Gravitational Anarchy allows me to do this.  It also allows me to build a list of people who like what I offer and may want more in the future.  Which leads me to the final section nicely!


The Future

Look for posts, videos and/or announcements to get together and interact online and possibly in person.  Some of this content will be informational, some educational, all of it fun.  You see I have found if we are not laughing we are not learning!

My first novel will be in print by early August.  A mystery novel concerning the investigation into the suspicious death of a competitive tree-climber, possibly implicating powerful politicians and members of the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest.   Help me choose a cover design.  Check out sneak peaks as I release a chapter or two early.

Look for free stuff in the form of white papers and other safety related info.  Look for cool pictures and funny stories.  Eventually I will start a web site with the same name, Gravitational Anarchy.  There you will be able to see a list of services I can offer, both free and for a fee, ranging from webinars, to training courses, to website or newsletter copy,  to safety consulting.


Conclusions, Not Endings

All of these ventures will be grouped under my Keystone Training Solutions LLC.  Do not let that mislead you.  Any contact info you provide will never be for sale, never given away and always customizable by you at anytime.

It is just me, just you, just my honest attempt to pay back what I have been given.  My chance to indulge in my passions of writing, telling stories, teaching and learning.

In the end, you will all help me spread the word of safe tree work and tree climbing.  You will help me help others get home at night after work, a recreational climb, a day on the wood lot working with the chainsaw, or a full day of production tree climbing and take their own boots off at night!

I appreciate you time and patience reading all this!  I look forward to all this can become and I anticipate a fun, adventurous journey!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Tony, writing is a tough business too. Sure, you don’t have to worry about severed lines but loosing the momentum to keep up a blog happens too and it can add weight to the feet. So keep at it as the will dictates. Few people know of the effort it takes to sit behind a screen for untold hours.

    • Peter,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and then respond. Welcome! It seems that moving on to new and different tasks brings with it a longing for the olds ways. I remember moving into a crew leader position wishing I could just show up and climb trees again. Now somedays I just want to grab my gear and run a tree crew. Such is the price we pay, but as with all things change must happen, lest we become stagnant and stop growing.
      Writing gives me a chance to interact with more tree people now than ever and for that I am thankful. If in the process I can give back just a small fraction of what I have been given, I will consider what ever toil I undertake to be worthwhile.

    • You are welcome. It only seems fair that women be included in Arboriculture as a whole. I realize the numbers are small, but the women I have met in he field and classroom are unsurpassed in dedication and passion for this work.

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