Arborist Boot Camp

Phil Kelly and I have been working on this new program.  Everywhere we travel to train work or just spend time with tree folks we hear the same story.  “I just can’t find enough good people.”  So we sat down and thought about why we got into the industry, why we stick with it, what we wish we would have known or been told when we were starting out, what we would change about our careers.  We took all that and more and developed arborist boot camp.  For those 0 to 3 years in the field we give what has been and what should have been given to us in an intensive, demanding team oriented 5 days that will change the way you see the industry.

Class 001 was success, now we have spots available for class 002.   Help us help you.  Spread the word, get in touch, be proactive and help me promote this program.

Registration info here: