North American Training Solutions in New York City

Recently I had a chance to be a part of a unique training course for New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

It was unique in size and scope.  Two, one day courses with a total of around 120 participants,  in two locations, spaced over two days.  Studens were introduced to recent trends in incidents in arboricultural operations, then given stratiges to prevent and/or deal with the most common types of incidents.

All in all, a monumental task of organization, planning and exexcution I was gald to be a small part of.

Here is a short “documentary” of the event.

As a side note, in an effort to get more useful content out and into the hands/minds of those who want it, I have begun posting my videos to my youtube channel as well.  Also for more technique/profession oriented videos, North American Training Solutions has opened a you tube channel.  It is just getting rooling, but keep checking as we will add content.

Be safe and Enjoy,




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