There are times, as a writer, trainer, human I feel  alack of inspiration of creativity.  I wonder what the next step artistically is for me, my life.  You see, I have come to rely on the expression writing, creating, teaching grants me.  Without it I seemed to hollow out a bit, lose focus, drift.

These times always seem to come as one project ends, but another yet to begin.  I wonder if I have another good book, story, sentence, hell, word left.  Have I used up all the mojo the universe bequeath me?  How can I add something of meaning to this world of ours.

Life and experience has taught me to weather these times with a smile, to know inside that the right thing, one word, one idea, one glimmer of the next project will appear.  Usually when I least expect it.  Experience also teaches me to go looking, oft times in subtle ways with out preconceived notions.

Here is my next source of inspiration, the fodder from which the next work, story, book will rise, grow and bloom.  I hope it helps you too!



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