It”s Done!

Well almost…

I recently finished the rough draft for my second novel.  I am calling this one Fall Factor.  Still a good bit or work to be done, but for me the hardest part is always the first draft.

To start building the hype!  I have been working on a book trailer.  Here is a sneak peak of the not quite finished full version.

Here is the back cover copy in rough draft format as well.

Fall Factor

Chris Becket, the long lost brother, returns home after his younger brother Mathew, current heir proprietor of the family tree business dies in a car crash.  What seems a simple fall from the wagon turned auto wreck becomes something much more.

Faced with a disturbed family past, haunted by decisions made and things left unsaid, undone. Chris finds himself hurled into Mathew’s life, love affair, business and death.  Bombarded by forces outside and in, Chris turns to skills honed in the military and sets out to limit the compounding damage of a factor two fall before the zenith of destruction is reached and more lives are lost, including his own.

Thanks for all the positive feedback so far!  It helps keep me on track.


2 thoughts on “It”s Done!

  1. Awesome Tony, can’t wait for the final copy!

    Gotta get you to autograph this one for me ☺

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