It’s a bit of a long Story.  I won’t bore you with all the details.  Suffice to say at the recent ITCC, I got hung up in draught of T-Rex jokes.

Imagine that, me getting caught up in joke montage!

I Blame my friend Mark Bridge.  He started it!  He perpetuated it through his Treemagineers Blog.  Then most recently he egged me on through e-mail.  (Pun intended there by the way!)

Of course I am not complaining, just thought I would share some of what I came up with and Mark has graciously allowed me to repost some original art work.

First Mark’s work.  It so much better than mine!



Since I am unable to draw here is my contribution:

Here is a list of stuff that flummoxes T Rex:

  1. Picking his nose
  2. Clapping his hands loudly
  3. Jumping jacks
  4. Handstands. (Although his big head should work for a headstand!)
  5. Certain verses of the hokey pokey (T Rex is not as bad off as an earthworm though, they put their heads in, then out, then shake ’em all about. That’s it!)
  6. Monocle, unless it is for the belly button
  7. Covering his mouth when sneezing or coughing
  8. Flossing
  9. Flipping others off (especially the left hand to opposite elbow, right forearm at 90 degrees, middle finger extended! This could exacerbate general grumpiness as well!)
  10. Jump rope
  11. Tossing a bridal bouquet
  12. The Macarena

To be fair, here are a few things T Rex excels at:

  1. Eating birthday cake
  2. Farting
  3. Polite golf clapping
  4. Low fives
  5. Head butts
  6. Piercing stares
  7. Push ups
  8. Running his ass across the ground or smaller creatures to clean it off
  9. Soccer (except the goalie position!)
  10. Tying a cummerbund
  11. Hacky sack
  12. Chest Bumps
  13. Stomp dancing, Scottish and Kakitihánnakah (the latter is a native American version. Although T Rex remains are rare in the eastern U.S. I like to think T Rex left the wall flower ways behind around the campfires of the eastern nations)

It occurred to me that T Rex probably got such a bad reputation because he had to constantly ask primates and other smaller creatures to hold/do things for him.
Imagine this:
“Hey could you hold this ice cream cone for me please” T Rex asks baby raptor.
“Sure” the little guy squeaks out. T Rex stoops over to take a lick and swallows the raptor, the cone the ice cream all at once. ” Oh my!” He says.

Enjoy.  There is an actual reason for all this silliness.

To be Continued…


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