Page a Day Writing Plan

The good news is I am rapidly finishing of the first draft of my second novel,  Factor Two.  There is still much to be done, but for me the hardest part has always been putting the words to paper the first time around.  Once they are there, I enjoy working with them, fine tuning, forging a story worthy of the reader’s time.

Much has been said by many  better at writing the writing process than me about process and getting the job done.  As a reference my favorite writing on writing is   Do the Work, by Steven Pressfield.

A no nonsense approach of a accomplished professional.

Even though I know the idea of a first draft is to get ideas down and that is the most important task, I struggle to do it.  I fear not getting it right.  I know intellectuality this is silly.  For me at least, the “Writing” part really happens as I edit.

However, knowing that creativity is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, I have developed a simple method that works for me.  I call it the page a day plan.  The goal is simple.  Write a page of new text a day.

Being pretty much a visual learner I respond to things I can see, fill out, or otherwise work with.  To that end, I created a simple spread sheet.  The goal of a page a day is greyed in and I color in the columns of my actual accomplishments as I go along.  Dates along the bottom, page numbers up the side.

One month plan

Here is my current one taped next to my desk.


Here is the spread sheet in Excel.  I work natively in Mac, so the PC version is simple and barely adequate, but it is a start should you wish to try.  If you would like a copy of the Apple Numbers spread sheet, drop me a comment, I would be glad to send it along.

31 day Writing Plan

Hope the writers out there find a bit of value if not in my plan, but in knowing your struggles are not unique.









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