A Product Review

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I generally shy away from product reviews.  One climber’s trash is another treasure, especially when it comes to something as ubiquitous as climbing line!  However, I had the good fortune of having Sterling Rope generously “gift” me a hank of their new arborist climbing line and I thought I would take the time to share my thoughts.



If any one has any further questions, just drop me an e-mail or reply to the post.  I would be glad to impart whatever knowledge I can.

Stay safe and happy,


2 thoughts on “A Product Review

  1. Hey Tony, Nice review! I noticed you using a mini traxion above ascender in that vid. using it as a ascender backup i assume? If so does run fairly smooth? Seems like it would wear down teeth pretty quick. Reason i ask is I’ve got one and for the life me I rarely use except to haul up a saw on occasion. Thought I’d try it rather than cordage. Thanks!

    • I use the micro traxion almost exclusively for a ascender back up. Compact and reliable, it slides up the rope and rarely gets disoriented. Carabiner selection is key, but lots of options work. I found the Rock O Pirate to interface the best for me.

      As for rope wear, I am not concerned. Although I would not recommend mechanicals on a arborist 16 strand. Generally I use a Kernmantle rope for an ascent line, I just wanted to see how the tendril performed with mechanicals. Having said that, I would use mechanicals on a climbing double braid if necessary, but would switch to a Kernmantle for constant use.

      In my years of using ascenders for tree work, I have never seen the teeth of the actual ascender wear beyond serviceability. Seems the springs wear out well before the teeth.

      Thanks for the comment. Let me know if I can be of any further help.


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