Something Not So Serious

As with all things, Arboricultural training can be burdensome.  The idea of teaching people things that will save them time, lesson the chance of injury or death is no small thing.  It pays to often step back and laugh and engage in silliness.

Here is a short video that shows even the best of us hard core tree guys can take a saturday with friends and family and turn it into a game!  It was also an excellent chance for me to practice with some new video editing software!






2 thoughts on “Something Not So Serious

  1. Fun…. Did you see David Drivers invite to arb party next Sat.? Last year did all the normal party stuff plus log rolling/walk in the pond, zip line into pond, axe competition, saw bucking comp, rope possitioning comp and whatever else I’ve forgoten. Best party I’ve ever been to. Regards, Merle

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