Road Trip

Even tree guys don’t always deal with trees!  Sometimes we just take a weekend off.  Here are some pics of a recent motorcycle trip with some dear friends.

In the end, I covered just short of 1100 miles in three days.  Our travels taking us from Selinsgrove, PA to the northern Adirondacks  in NY state and back.


Scooter Ride  #64

Whiteface Mountain.  Scene of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic downhill skiing events


Scooter Ride  #59

Even dudes in leather take a break


Scooter Ride  #46

Nothing Like ice cream to ease the road miles.


Scooter Ride  #45

If a place offers turkey scrapple, you just gotta stop!


Scooter Ride  #35

Beautiful morning!


Scooter Ride  #33

Haven’t seen one of these in awhile!


Scooter Ride  #32

Highly recommended, the Hotel Long Lake, Long Lake NY.


Scooter Ride  #31

Noble Steeds at rest


Scooter Ride  #30


A good time for thinking!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!