Martial Arts, Party Games And Nights Out.

First some backstory.

About a year ago, my daughter became old enough to sign up for a martial arts class that I could join her in.  She asked me if I would like to take part with her.  I said yes.  Studying martial arts has always been one of those things on my to do list, but I never got “around to it.”

Not so many weeks ago, during a class, our instructor noticed that my front stance was narrow and was working with me to plant my feet wider.  As any of you know who have ever studied a martial art, body awareness and physical human movement are key.  I worked at different exercises/moves with my instructor watching.  Repeatedly, I would unconsciously narrow my stance, then have to adjust.  He asked me, “Do you spend a lot of time balancing with your feet spread apart, but in a line?”  The answer was yes, of course.  As any tree climber will tell you, is the essence of a limb walk!

Now some front story.

Yesterday I was working with the crew.  Perched out on a limb balancing myself for a clearance cut, I was reminded of the martial arts story.  I told it to the crew, which started a humorous discussion of how our profession effects our lives in odd ways.  Sure we get tired, paychecks all the usual, but there are hidden pros and cons as well.

Here are two of my favorite from yesterday a pro and a con.


By unanimous decision, the crew agreed that as tree workers who regularly use a throw line and bag, that any party skill that involves throwing and/or precise targeting is more advanced than non-tree-climbing party goers.  This includes Quarters, Beer Pong, Horseshoes, Quoits, that strange game with golf balls on a string, bean bags or washers at a target…. just to name a few!


Many times I have gone out with my wife and asked her not to let on what I do for a living.  Seems as soon as someone hears I am an arborist I get one of two things and most often both.  First, a story about a friend/relative and/or the storyteller’s tree misadventure(s).  Second, a tree issue they have.   Described in exquisite detail and they want advise/help concerning it.  (I imagine the second is much the same for doctors.  I hope they do not run into the first much! ) I like trees and treework, but sometimes I just want to tune it all out and tune in something else!

So there you have it.  Two odd ways tree climbing will effect your life outside of work .  I would be interested to hear some of your stories along these lines, whether they be tree related or not.

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “Martial Arts, Party Games And Nights Out.

  1. In the customer service industry, I thoroughly enjoy taking the perspective of the customer while out. Not only to leave it all behind and relax for a change, but also to get a unadulterated view of how others in similar establishments do what they do so I can introspectively see myself from the other side of the sale. I can learn what works for other businesses and what doesn’t – then apply that to my work routine. Sure, I am passing up on some really nice perks by not divulging my employment, as well as more in depth and engaging conversation; but what I get in the long run is more rewarding – personal development.
    Besides, when on a shopping trip with the family or girlfriends I can easily add on another hour of conversation by mentioning where I work; thus boring the travel companions to tears.

    • Yes, It is interesting to go all stealth! Especially when it comes to customer service. Although I admit, it makes me kinda of picky and really sensitive to “poor” or outright “bad” service. What I find most informative is if somebody else in the crowd is signaled out as “the arborist” forst and I can just eavesdrop!

  2. I NEVER tell anyone I work for SEARS as it will entail hearing the litany of horror stories related to appliance/lawn care and /or auto center product performance, delivery and service. While I do have the knowledge to direct them to the proper channels, sadly that is not what they want to hear. The fact that I manage the womens’ apparel area has no impact in fielding their grievances. I’m with CJ on this one. I shop and observe and hopefully improve my own ‘people’ skills by that observation. I also am compelled to organize the disheveled presentations left by other customers. I am not a fun person to shop with….

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