More Than One Reason

It has occurred to me many times at the uniqueness of climbing trees for a living.  Many times I am asked if I rock climb, or other high angle leisure pursuits.  I always say no, that five days a week hanging from a rope is enough.  I have never really been much of a recreational climber.  Sure I have climbed for fun with friends and family, but by far it is the exception for me not the rule.

Getting to the top of a tree in a recreation climb gives me a bit of a hollow feeling.  What should I do next?  Where is the work?  Habit I guess.

There are exceptions though.  They usually deal with my daughter, as do many things these days.  I realize I can give her unique perspectives, indicative of my eclectic skill set.  Which is a fancy way of saying, not all dads climb trees and teach others the same.

Here are two examples of our exploits and the casual and sometimes didactic reasons behind them.


I would love to hear some of your experiences wether they be aerial or not.  As always, if at any time I can be of help in facilitating anything like the following two videos show then please get in touch.


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