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As some of you may know, I write a good bit.  One of my goals the when moving away from day to day production and more into teaching and training was to increase the amount of time I could spend on my writing ventures.  Well it is starting to come around.  In early August, my first novel will hit the shelves, so to speak.  Details on availability and how to get one will be forthcoming.  However, in appreciation for checking out the blog, I wanted to offer the epilog and first chapter in advance.

Below is the text from the back cover.  If it sounds interesting click the “subscribe now” button and you will be guided on how to download the PDF version.  Fell free to share with friends and family.

A small group of ecoterrorists storms a Pacific Northwest logging site.  Equipment is vandalized, buildings broken into and a surprise discovery is made by one member of the group; one that could solve all his current problems…

Day one of the International Tree Climbing Championship winds to a close.  Fifty-six men and women climbers have given their best in the preliminaries.  The final climber in the work climb event begins his run.   A past champion and flamboyant personality, all eyes are watching him.  Unexpectedly, his rope parts and he plunges to his death mid swing…

Mike Duncan, climber, arborist and former Special Forces solider, watches the climber plummet to earth from his perch high in the tree.  Later, after the crowd disperses, Mike, as the event’s head technician, ascends the work climb tree.  There, high in the canopy, he makes a discovery of his own…

From city parks, to the back corners of bars, to the primeval old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest, Freefalling takes readers into the intricacies of competitive tree climbers, arborists and the niche world they inhabit.  Simple curiosity, ingrained determination and an inability to let well enough alone leads Mike Duncan down a path of discovery.  A path leading to questions best not asked, with answers that once gained, nobody wants. 

Thanks so much.  I hope you enjoy the teaser and I look forward to the whole book being released soon.


5 thoughts on “New Book

  1. WOW Tony! This sounds like the kind of book that is going to grab the tree climbing community right by their saddles and take them on a ride that will be both thrilling and entertaining.

    Can’t wait for the release date!

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