Free Stuff!

In an effort to reach more readers and thank those who follow along already, I have added a free offer.

You will notice a free Stuff Button in the upper right hand corner, or all the way at the bottom if you are on a mobile device.  Currently I have put up a photo for your desktop.  Subscribe to the mailing list and the pic is all yours.

The picture, while nice, is a bit of a test.  I am trying to iron out some bugs in all this technology I am learning of late.  Thakns for playing along!

If there are any issues let me know!

In the near future, look for five tips to improve you scores at a Tree Climbing Championship!

2 thoughts on “Free Stuff!

  1. Hello Tony, Thanks for the offer of free stuff. I already subscribe to your mailing list…I’m not sure I saw the button you mentioned, and haven’t seen any unusual pictures when following the links from your email and post. I don’t mind the disappointment one bit, but thought I’d feed back that it didn’t seem straightforward to me at least. Greatly enjoying your work and doung my best to spread your word in my small sphere of influence. Keep on keeping on. Best regards, Syd

    • Syd,

      Thanks for the feedback. It was working yesterday when my wife tried it out. I’ll have to talk to the webmaster. Wait, that’s me. O.K. I’ll call myself after lunch! I’ll get it going.


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