The Arborist

Here is a well done, short video I really enjoyed. Those of you on may have seen the link to it there, but I thought I would share it here as well.

I grew up in this industry. Sometimes I forget how unique it is. This video reminded me.

New Look

Due to some internal fussing and some well thought out and voiced concerns I have decided to change the look of the blog.  The content is the same, but the colors are different.  It is my hope that it will be easier to read and better to the eyes!

Bear with me as I work it all out and as always your input is valued and sought after!




Well, I finally got all the pieces in alignment.

The website for Gravitational Anarchy is up and running.

Go to and check it out.

Be sure to read the About Us page there and here on the blog.   I explain the mission, the vision and the path to get there!

As always, let me know what you think!

Black Magic

Mechanical advantage has always been a mystery to me.

I know it works, have seen it’s results, but I must succumb to the occult in trying to explain it to others!

Fortunately for me,  I was shown a method to help quantify forces generated with a basic diagram.

For you math wizards and engineers out there, it plays fast and loose with the the numbers, but the idea is just to get a rough calculation, not exact numbers.

It is also a great way to get your head around complex systems.

Check out a preview of the whole presentation  at the link below.

Like it?

Fill out the contact form below and I will send you a link for the full version.  If you are already subscribed you should have received an e-mail yesterday giving you a link to the full version.

Thanks and enjoy,


Free Stuff!

In an effort to reach more readers and thank those who follow along already, I have added a free offer.

You will notice a free Stuff Button in the upper right hand corner, or all the way at the bottom if you are on a mobile device.  Currently I have put up a photo for your desktop.  Subscribe to the mailing list and the pic is all yours.

The picture, while nice, is a bit of a test.  I am trying to iron out some bugs in all this technology I am learning of late.  Thakns for playing along!

If there are any issues let me know!

In the near future, look for five tips to improve you scores at a Tree Climbing Championship!

New Logo

Hey all,

I am working on getting the companion website to this blog up and running and establishing a system to get even more info and fun stuff to you all.

I took the suggestions from the post asking for input and am currently forming them into posts, articles or what not.  Fear not I will address all the excellent topics suggested.  The website will help.

But as all things marketing there must be a recognizable “brand” or logo.  Here is what I developed:

GA Logo4.002


Let me know what you think.  My background is far from graphic design, but I enjoyed putting this together.


Published Articles

As some of you may know, I have published some articles in the various trade magazines over the years.

Below is a link to an Excel  document containing the articles that are currently archived on line for free.  Click the yellow text to Download.  The links in the document should be active or you can cut and past them in your browser as well.

I enjoyed compiling the list and rereading some of my former work.  I hope you enjoy as well.

Please let me know if you would like any of the information in it’s raw form.  I would be happy to send it along.

Published Articles List With Links

Have a great weekend!