This blog or what this blog is to become has been a long time in the making.  I do not mean that in the physical sense.  Setting up a free wordpress blog is simple and easy.  I mean in the mental and philosophical sense!  You see, January first this year was a one year anniversary for me professionally and personally.  Professionally I “quit my day job” or left full time tree care production.  I now train, write and teach.  Sure I am still involved in production activities from time to time, but now that is the exception not the rule.  Personally I wanted to adjust my lifestyle to fit around the things that mean the most to me, my family, writing, teaching, training.

Last year was great.  Trying at times, frustrating at others, but always at my direction, my effort, my willingness.  Last year made me realize one of the things I treasure most about  “living the dream” as I refer to my new enterprise and lifestyle was the connection to others developed in my travels, writings and classes.  I am far from an extrovert.  You will not find me mingling in large crowds for fun.  However, I do value personal connection, conversations about things that matter to all involved.  I love passing time with others not killing it.

2012 saw me up and down the east coast and into Canada.  I estimate I stood in front of 1200 or so people teaching, talking, training about arboriculture.  When the class, seminar or speech of the day was over I shook hands, thanked and was thanked, then moved on.  Any connection forged was quickly lost as I drove away, boarded a plane.  It is those connections that I wish to preserve in this new year.  It is through this blog that I choose to do it.

I originally thought I could keep the connections going through chat sites or email.  But it was a fleeting attempt as I had not the commitment.  Nor are those arenas the best venue for meaningful conversation.  Sure lots of great advice and info can be gleaned, but also to can politics and personality become overly involved.  Often opinion is mistaken for judgement.  All of this is fine, I do not bash those venues.  In fact, I enjoy them still. It just was not the connection I had hoped for, not the way to stay connected.

The plan is simple. Weekly, I will post interesting things as I see the world of tree care and climbing.  Subjects may range from climbing to chainsaw, practical to philosophical, funny to scary.  Through it all I will emphasis a dedication to safety and commitment to professionalism.  You see, how we do anything is indeed how we do everything.  It does not matter if we climb trees for fun, fame, money or glory, alone, or with friends.

I plan to offer free stuff, from materials for training programs, pictures and tidbits of my work as a author, both of fiction and non fiction.  So join in.  Come along for the ride, see the world of trees and climbing, tree work and the people who make it so through my eyes.

I’ll look forward to meeting you.

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